Training for Medical doctors and nurses with higher education [bachelor’s degree]

The concept

Recent trends in the more frequent appearance of tropical diseases in EU and other industrialized countries due to increased travel and the migration pressure from developing countries, prompted the Health Authorities to promote knowledge of health personnel on this field. The “market value” of such knowledge is on the verge of increasing worldwide due to the need to recognize such diseases in unusual places, countries, or to attend those patients in different missions or in migrant communities. Instead of organizing slideshows of tropical conditions and diseases, our cooperating institutes (UPMS), decided to organize onsite training course for medical doctors & nurses who are interested to discover a new knowledge and skill in a different culture, with different facilities, minimal resources.

The structure

The onsite training course will last for nine weeks and will end with an examination. The course contains 180 contact hours and 90 bedside/laboratory practice with four external teaching, including one refugee camp. The course starts every day from Monday to Friday at 9AM till 13PM with lectures and 14-16 PM with clinical/laboratory practice. For the nurses participating at the course, a separate, interactive tuition is organized between 9AM and 13PM. The afternoon teaching session is common with the doctors. The course is accredited in Hungary with 50 CME points and accepted in other EU countries.

Technical information

The site of the training course is Kenya, Eldoret town, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. The proposed time and duration of the course is 8. April – 7. June for 2013. Participants will be lodged in a rented house and in a local Guest House (Gracemont Guest House). Transport will be provided daily to the site and back of the training.


Tuition fee of the course for the nine weeks is 2500€/person, which cannot be split, or reimbursed, if someone decides to withdraw within 2 weeks before starting the course. The amount can be reimbursed, if someone, due to serious reason, is not able to participate, cannot travel to the site, etc. The amount must arrive min. of 4 weeks before the beginning of the training course to the bank account of UPMS. Other costs: travel arrangements are individually organized. International flights from EU to Nairobi and back is @ 800-1000 € depending on the carrier. From Nairobi to Eldoret and back local flights are available in the morning and evening for @ 130 USD. Lodging at the Gracemont Guest House is @ 35€/person/day for the single room, which includes breakfast, and washing. The rooms have hot shower, internet and TV. If students want to share rooms, the price is cheaper. At the rented house the rooms with a separate bath room with hot shower and internet will cost @ 10€/person/day. In the house everybody cares for himself/herself. Cooking facilities and wash machine is available. The average cost for daily expenditures can be calculated as 10-15€/person/day. Participants are expected to buy individual insurance, which includes health, accident, loss of life, loss of property, emergency evacuation, etc.

Other information, requirements

The minimum number of participants is 15, the maximum is 25. Below 15, the course cannot be started and the tuition fee will be reimbursed for those, who paid already. In the case of high demand, the students can be enrolled for the next year, or parallel training courses can be organized. Visa for entry (as tourist visa) can be obtained at the airport (50USD/visa)


The websites of our institutions will have an application form to fill with all the necessary information. Applications must arrive till the 1-st of August 2012.


Prof. Dr. Gabor Ternak, e-mail: ,

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