Trainings 2013

The University of Pécs Medical School (UPMS) announces the following trainings for medical students, nurses (bachelor of nursing sciences) and graduated medical doctors for 2013.

Tropical medicine in Africa trainings in 2013:

■ For Medical Students
For Medical doctors and nurses with higher education /bachelor’s degree/

The major goals of the training:

■ To increase the knowledge of doctors in tropical medicine and related conditions
■ To observe the real situation where those diseases occur (not only on slides)
■ To obtain personal experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases
■ To learn the occurance of such diseases in the migrant population
■ To develop skill to work in situations with minimal resources
■ To learn different procedures to identify tropical diseases
■ For the nurses obtainingknowledge in the daily procedures of health care inhospitalized and OPD patientsin the tropics (Tropical Nursing)
■ To learn the special considerations in a country of high rate of HIV infections

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